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You won't always recognize the traces for they have become jewels.

Wearable art objects to adorn.

Easy to forget they ever were unsightly.

To embrace their new identity.

I give them a new voice.

They are my palette to create new narrative.

These stories are yours and mine, made from our traces,

our footprint.

I work with materials that were lost to the purpose they once served. Adrift in the world, on the ocean shores, by the side of the road, in nature, I find and collect. 

My materials are like letters fallen from words, dropped out of speech.

We meet in these stories, my art jewelry.

Wear them on your heart and let their story be yours.

Meta Joanknecht on the beach showing found materials in a plastic glove.

Meta Joanknecht was educated on the

Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam

There are treasures to be found on the beach.
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